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Laser etched campus map and status LED's show availability, on an RFID key fob.

IoT Prototyping with Particle and Framer

As part of a group project during my HCI Masters, I created a Framer mobile prototype which communicated with my device-side code on a Particle Photon and variables stored in Particle Cloud. I also created the visual design for the application and laser etching for the physical fob.


Combined with the impressive contributions of my teammates, the result was a high fidelity simulation of a "Citi Bike for Umbrellas" concept.

The service included a connected app and RFID key fob which could release a solenoid lock on an umbrella stand we constructed.

Images of the visual and physical design can be found below. Framer-particle implementation can be downloaded here.

Brello Process Photos - Defining and implementing system architecture. 

Brello Framer App Screenshots - Visual design of Framer app communicating with Particle.

Brello Physical Prototyping - Key fob and umbrella stand, status LED's.

Concept Video

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