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 Matthew  Miller
  Interaction   Design   Product 
Recent Highlights
Rivian Driver+
As Rivan's dedicated ADAS UX designer, I shipped new features and led continuous improvements to Driver+, a suite of safety, self-driving, and camera-based features.
Amazon + Rivian  - Field of View Study
In collaboration with Amazon I led a study to determine optimal video specifications, and defined a scenario dependent state machine.
BYTON - Vehicle User Experience Lead
As UX Lead I delivered designs for ADAS, AutoPark, and Charging, and implemented a new interaction model for the vehicle's global trackpad.
Vicarious - Collaborative Robotics HMI
As the company's first UX designer, I conducted an on-site Contextual Inquiry study and designed multiple robotics HMI's used in fulfillment centers.
Miso Robotics - Flippy HMI
At Miso I delivered a new HMI for the robotic Kitchen assistant Flippy, a human-collaborative robotic system, currently in use by White Castle.
Design Process
Carnegie Mellon's Human-Computer Interaction Masters program collaborated with HARMAN to improve the user experience of autonomous vehicles. The final prototype focused on passenger agency and system transparency in key situations. more...

  Experiment Design  

  Physical Prototyping  

  Woz Study  

My individual contribution to HARMAN's to autonomous vehicle UX was to create and document a framework for interaction and feedback. The framework communicates an AV's progress towards completing actions and allows for timely overrides. more...   

  Interaction Design  

  Design Lead  

  Framer Prototypes  

The hardware capabilities of the Tamaggo 360 camera presented an opportunity to streamline the phone-to-camera connection process. Designing that flow merged ongoing hardware development with extensive usability testing more....

  Usability Testing  

  Hardware Development  

  Sequence Flow  

GroundLink Driver is an iOS and Android app supporting the operations of on-demand car service similar to Uber. By identifying overlapping customer and driver needs we reduced service failures to a five year low. more....

  Business Impact  

  Product Launch  

Tech + Design Explorations
IoT + Mobile Prototyping
Memoir Creation MVP
  Visual Design  
Predicting News Popularity
  Machine Learning  
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